Frequently asked questions

How is our curriculum different than others?

At Erudite, we tailor our curriculum based on each student's level and unique needs. We correspond our curriculum to students' school materials and advance it accordingly to students' abilities.

What is a day-by-day basis at each session?

1. We make sure that students' daily after-school homework be completed. 2. We review upcoming quizzes, tests, and exams. 3. We review the past lessons which students are having problems with. 4. We teach new lessons in advance.

Is it an one-on-one session?

No, it is not an one-on-one session. Students will be in the same classroom with other students. However, we teach each student individually. Based on their abilities, we will determine the pace and amount of materials which will be covered.

How many hours per session?

There are two (2) hours per session.

Is the tuition fee paid for four (4) weeks or one (1) month period?

The tuition fee is paid for one (1) month period. If you happen to attend in the middle of the month, e.g. January 20th, the period is started on Jan 20th and ended on Feb 19th. The next tuition payment will be on February 20th.

Can the students do make-up classes if they are absent?

Yes, we will arrange make-up classes for students if they are absent. However, the maximum make-up days in any studying period (30 or 31 days) is two (2). Please refer our Policy section for more information regarding make-up classes.

What is the late fee for late tuition payment?

A late fee of $50 will be applied to any payments that are made seven (7) days after the due date.

Do you provide make-up classes for National Holidays?

National holidays are observed. Make-up days will not be provided for days missed due to national holidays.

Can I break payment into two halves?

Tuition fee is required to be paid in full on the first day of each period.

Who will provide the books?

Students will use their own books that they are using at schools. If we determine that students need extra practice books, parents will be responsible for the cost of books. Any extra printed materials will be provided by us at no additional cost.